Dermatological Innovation

The Derma Pharma laboratories in France and Switzerland have created a range of dermatological treatments from a medical perspective to provide health and beauty for the skin.

The stress of modern life, ongoing environmental assaults and premature skin ageing caused by our lifestyle have been and still are the concern of our scientific team. This concern led us to a commitment to create products with 100% pure active ingredients, making our treatments an essential choice in modern dermatology.

Based on highly developed biotechnology, they correct damage to the dermis by regenerating the structures in different layers of the skin and their functions, providing them with revitalization and a youthful appearance.

  1. Facial

    Optimal Dermatological Therapy

    After years of research, Khuravital Dermapharma Laboratories, specialized in anti-aging products, presents its set of facial line.

  2. Corporal

    Science in the service of Beauty

    Our Corporal Line constitute the set of swiss products, developed by Khuravital Dermapharma Laboratories, to revitalize and improve the skin of the body.

  3. Medical

    Exclusively for Doctors

    The most efficient line of medical products, available to dermatologists and plastic surgeons, to correct and prevent skin imperfections.