Dry Skin Revitalizer

  • Kuracell powerful wrinkle corrector serum dramatically reduces the appearance of brown age spots and provides a deep anti-wrinkle action with the firming benefits of its formula.

  • External use for all skin types from age 30.

    Facial cellular revitalizer for very dehydrated or prematurely aged skin to help restore withered skin, giving it tone and freshness.

  • Depends on texture and skin type; obviously for younger skin with oily or combination tendencies a few drops will suffice.

    For more mature or dry skin, it needs to be applied after a moisturizing cream. Apply after cleansing the skin, apply 2 to 4 drops at night before bed or depending on the type of skin, leave for 30 minutes until the serum is absorbed, then apply moisturizer over it.

    During the first two weeks Kuracell should be used both at night and in the morning. A morning application will provide perfect hydration. After the first two weeks, a night application is sufficient.

    Frequency of use:
    We recommend four (4) maintenance sessions interspersed per year.

    Application every 90 days provides a revitalizing effect, improving the texture of the skin giving a younger, longer lasting effect.

    Both the length and frequency of use should be evaluated for each individual patient by a dermatologist or skin care professional.

  • Contraindications:
    No adverse reactions have been observed in anyone where the recommended applications have been used, a professional should be consulted in cases of active acne and when treatment cases involve persons with a marked atopic tendency.
    Kuracell can be combined with other dermatological and/or cosmetic products without risk and without losing efficacy.

    Finished product control:
    Kuracell is produced under strict absolute sterility regulations, there are also various quality tests, microbiological controls and bacterial analysis.
    Each batch of Kuracell is submitted to rigorous quality control in compliance with the relevant regulations for the production of pharmaceutical products in the EU.

    Presentation and packaging:
    Kuracell is packaged in a styrofoam box to protect the product from temperature changes, it should be stored in a cool place at 5 to 25 degrees Celsius.
    It contains one 0.5 fl. oz. /15 ml. bottle with dispensing pump.
    The contents are packaged in a sterile atmosphere.
    Do not accept this product if there is any evidence of alteration.

Kuhra Vital guarantees the purity and quality of its products and accepts no responsibility for damage to third parties that could be caused by malpractice.