Phyell G1®

Mesotherapy Skin Revitalization - Anti-flaccidity

(Only Available to Medical Professionals)

Mesotherapy for intra-dermal application: anti-flaccidity, exceptional moisturizing, skin reconstructor, that adds volume to tissues, restores facial contours, reduces skin sagging stimulating the fibroblast activity and improving the regeneration of the skin.

Composed of pharmaceutical grade 1 hyaluronic acid, it also contains elastin and trace elements especially indicated for the face and neck.

Phyell G1: a proprietary formula used by dermatologists and skin professionals who use this mesotherapy technique because it improves texture and thickness, removing fine lines and providing beauty and youth to the skin of the face and neck. Phyell G1 has also has been successfully applied to the arms, buttocks and other parts of the body that require firming.