Phyell G2

Phyell G2®

Intradermal / Semi-permanent Implant

  • Phyell G2 is an exclusive formula for lasting correction of fine lines and other skin blemishes. Easy to administer under normal conditions in doctor’s office.
    Patient satisfaction levels are extremely high.

  • Adds volume to tissues, restores facial contours, reduces sagging, stimulates the activity of collagen and fibroblasts improving skin regeneration. Its components provide the skin with total revitalization.

    Especially suitable in light and deep folds in the following areas: Forehead, periorbital lines (crow’s feet), perioral lines, upper lip and smile and glabellar lines.

    Sculpts lips to reinforce volume, defines the vermilion border. Fills depressions caused by oral commissures.
    Facial firming of cheeks, chin, temporal region and nasoyugal lines. Distensible scars.

  • Perform a general pre-assessment, marking sites to be filled. Transcutaneous lines, are known as power lines of the entire face and neck.
    We recommend applying the tunneling technique or tunnel with retro emptying of material in the middle dermis; it is practically painless.
    In generalized treatments (face, forehead and lips) that are particularly bothersome, topical anesthesia is often used and in the labial zone, nerve block anesthesia is applied.
    In each area where it is implanted, mold it by pressing lightly with the index finger and thumb to perfect the effect.
    At the end of each treatment, we recommend the patient has Hyacell (pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid for topical use and marine collagen) for exceptional hydration, aiding the disappearance of fine lines where the product could not penetrate, counteracting redness and highlighting the effect of Phyell G2.

    Preliminary test:
    Allergy testing not required.

    Treatment frequency and duration of effect:
    Most patients (62%) required only one application or two applications (24%). Depending on the individual’s skin and the type of line, thicker or thinner, the effect usually lasts between 6 and 10 months in patients.
    Its effect is improved in patients who have been previously treated with facial mesotherapy treatments (Phyell G1) or radio frequency.
    Repeat treatment every six months to one year. Both the length and frequency of the treatment will be evaluated for each individual patient according to the disease to be treated by a dermatologist or professional of the skin.

    Pre Treatment: During treatment, it is recommended that you discontinue medications that alter blood clotting such as aspirin or NSAIDs. Do not take Ginkgo Biloba.

    Post Treatment: During the first 24 to 48 hours you should avoid exposure to sunlight or tanning beds.
    It is important to drink plenty of water so that the body can eliminate the toxins that emerge with treatment.

    Multi-use application instructions:

    Before handling the components, wash your hands with soap and hot water.
    Remove the blue button from the vial and disinfect with an alcohol pad.
    Step 1: Remove the cover from the vial adapter package. Remove the vial adapter from the blister package Remove and discard the blister package.
    Step 2: Seat the adapter on the vial by pushing down until the spike penetrates the rubber stopper and the adapter snaps in place.
    Step 3: Attach the syringe to the adapter.
    Step 4: Invert the vial, and slowly pull back the plunger to withdraw the drug from the vial into the syringe.
    Step 5: Remove the syringe from the adapter. The drug is now ready for administration. Follow normal safety practices to administer the drug.

  • Contraindications:
    No adverse reactions have been observed in any patient where the recommended applications and doses have been used, Phyell G2 can be combined with other medications without risk and without losing efficacy.

    Side effects:
    At the time of applying, common minor irritation may be caused by the injection, and consequently a bruising or passing redness may appear.
    Localized swelling that disappears within hours.
    Like other similar treatments, light bruising may appear in some cases but tends to disappear within hours.

    Finished product control:
    Phyell G2 is produced under strict absolute sterility regulations, the same as those applied in the production of biological pharmaceuticals, there are also various quality tests, microbiological controls and bacterial analysis.
    Sterilization is performed by Tyndallization to keep the molecules together with
    their components.

    Each batch of Phyell G2 is submitted to rigorous quality control in compliance with the relevant regulations for the production of pharmaceutical products in the EU.

    Vial 10 ml contain: Hyaluronic Acid from biotechnological origin 2%. Native collagen Ectodermal type V 0,1%. Carboxymethylcellulose. Sodium chloride, Water PPI.

    Phyell G2 does not require refrigeration; it can be stored at an ambient temperature of between 5 and 25 degrees Celcius.

    Presentation and packaging:
    Phyell G2 comes in packs of 1 vial of 10 ml and packs of 2 vials containing 10 ml c/u with 1/2 multidose sterile safety adapters and in specially designed styrofoam boxes to protect the product from variations in temperature.
    Do not accept this treatment if there is any evidence of alteration.

Kuhra Vital guarantees the purity and quality of its products and accepts no responsibility for damage to third parties that could be caused by malpractice.